Usage Instructions


Before you start to access the system, please ensure the Status of the instance in the GCP Console turns to Green, or the initialization process might be interrupted and the software configuration fails. It takes about 1-5 mins.


Please replace the instance ID with the actual instance ID of your running VM instance, and the External IP your actual public DNS address.


  1. First, we’re going to deploy the V2Ray VPN, Click Launch on Compute Engine.

2. You can take the default settings or customize them. When complete click Deploy. But you need to make sure allow TCP port 65432 and HTTP traffic.


  1. When the instance was deployed. To initialize V2Ray System, we will need to get the External IP, and instance id.

  1. Open a web browser to V2ray system with http://<External IP>:65432. Default username was admin, default password was instance id.

  1. When you login the system, you can reset the password. Go to the panel settings(面板设置).

  1. Create your VPN account. Go to the accounts(账号列表), that you need to get your link from copy link.

../_images/035.png ../_images/045.png


You need to make sure your account’s port have public to the world in Firewalls. You can also set a Firewall rules and the add to the VM instance Network tags.

../_images/071.png ../_images/081.png
  1. At last, you need to install client and import the link to the client.

Windows V2rayN


Mac V2rayU


Android Kitsunebi


iOS Kitsunebi



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